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Sexuality and Relationship Education

As a passionate advocate for sexual health, Beth Boatman provides engaging speaker presentations and interactive classes. Her teaching style uses up-to-date scientific information to inform practices and teaching. Furthermore, she continually strives to be both inclusive and culturally competent in her education. From conference presentations to interactive community sex education classes, Beth creates a comfortable and collaborative space to learn about sexual health.

*If you don’t see the topic you are looking for just ask! Classes can be created and tailored to your needs.

Community Members

Sexual health classes, informational videos, workshops, relationship classes, podcasts, blog spots, consulting, church groups, radio.

Various topics include:

  • Parenting: What your kids need to know about sex
  • Creating passion in long-term committed relationship.
  • Sexuality & Spirituality: A space where both can exist
  • The 5 steps to sexual health: A guide for the modern woman
  • When Sex changes: Chronic Illness and Chronic Pain
  • #SexEdU: Lecture style pleasure classes for adults

Professionals and Providers

Conference presentations, workshops, clinical training, nurse in-services, grand rounds, College/University guest lecture.

Various Topics include:

  • Domestic violence awareness and the LGBT community
  • Starting Difficult Conversations: Sexual Health in the AYA oncology community.
  • Assessing sexual health with patients
  • Sexual expression sensitivity: Responding with understanding and empathy
  • Sexual diversity cultural competency training
  • LGBT safe space training