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More About Dr. Elizabeth

In 2016, I started my first job as a licensed mental health provider seeing individuals, couples, and families in a group practice. I felt honored and grateful to work with people from so many different walks of life. I LOVED my job and had planned to take a short maternity with the birth of my kiddo in 2020.

Then COVID happened and plans changed. In the midst of it all, I completed my PhD at Texas Women's University with a focus in sexual health and cancer. Being hooded by my husband and holding my 3 month old baby at a drive through graduation, I became Dr. Boatman. About a year after my kiddo's birth, I began to realize that what I thought was the postpartum pain of lugging around a new baby, was actually nerve damage and chronic back pain. Like many of my past clients, I had to start finding new ways to cope and function. Thankfully, COVID forced telehealth to become more accessible, and I realized that it was possible to build a practice while accommodating for my new physical needs.

For over 10 years I've been teaching sexual health education in some capacity. From women's crisis units, to upscale sex toy stores, to being a professor in academia. I have always and continue to find an immense amount of joy in watching my students soak in information that reduces their fears and shame to ultimately help them become more curious and compassionate human beings.

As a queer identified person, I believe that every member of humanity has a contribution to make, and people of different gender identity, age, race, ethnicity, income levels, religion, ability, sexual orientations, and relationship dynamics must have equal value and rights.

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