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Supervision & Consultation

AASECT sexuality education supervision

Dr. Beth is an AASECT certified sex educator and supervisor. The American Association of Sex Educator Counselor and Therapists requires 25 hours of supervision for sex educator certification. Additionally, if you are working toward sex therapy or sex counselor certification Dr. Beth can provide up to 5 hours of your supervision that focuses on presentation, teaching, and training. Please be at least 50% done with your educational and training requirements prior to beginning supervision. 


Professional sex education consultation

Dr. Beth provides continued consultation services for sexuality educators and mental health providers who need assistance in creating engaging presentation, training, and curriculum development. 


Professional clinical consultation

Dr. Beth provides clinical consultation services to other mental health professionals who seek assistance working with sexual health and relationship issues in their current clients. 

Get in Touch

If you are interested in consultation or supervision services please email

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